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WoCA (Wi-Fi over Coax) & Coaxifi Review: 4.5/5 Stars

When adding an extension to my house, I began looking for a reliable, high throughput Wi-Fi solution. One of the options was to deliver Wi-Fi over coax, using coaxial cables to send Wi-Fi frequencies directly between my router and a cable outlet. I expected I would need low loss LMR cabling at 50 Ohms to cover the distance, but it turned out that several products allow me to make use of standard RG-6 cabling at 75 Ohms, which most homeowners already have in their walls. This approach has a number of pros andcons described below, but appearsto be a promising solution for inexpensively improving Wi-Fi coverage in many homes, particularly for cord cutters.
Pros and Cons Wi-Fi over coax claims to offer several advantages versus Wi-Fi meshed repeaters and distributed access points. One is that the signal avoids obstructions like concrete and drywall, losing only a fraction of its strength when reaching distant rooms. Another is that a single SSID can be broadcast throughout the home without …